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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Incognito Contest July-August 2008

I am touring one of the most striking geological phenomena in the southwest of a large, powerful country.  As we approach from the highway the typical high desert terrain of the nearby area gives way to bright brick-red cliffs and peaks.  This unique geography was created over millions of years by the awesome power of both water and earthquakes.  The thrust fault (fracture in the earth's crust) created enough force to drive one crustal plate over the top of another. This results in the oldest rocks on the bottom of the upper plate resting directly above the youngest rocks of the lower plate.

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Monday, 04 December 2006

incognito Jan - Feb 2007

I am in a dark cavernous world at high noon – it’s sweltering outside and ever so cool in here. The sandstone walls and sandy floor are lit by sunbeams that shine straight in at noon, and at other times they curl in and light the stratified walls their crimson, coral, and rose glory. As I walk through the narrow crevice with its sensuous sculpted walls, I remember that rushing water formed its curves.

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