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On a warm Sunday afternoon in October, Lily the pig lies flat on her side, eyes closed, snaggletooth poking out from a wide, peaceful grin. The enormous fans trained on the bevy of sows combat the heat and ruffle their short, wiry hair. Lily grumbles just a little when the pig leaning on her back shifts position, but soon settles down again, snorting into the hay. Lost in daydreams, she doesn’t so much as twitch when I reach out to tickle her wrinkly pink neck.

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Monday, 05 February 2007

Strange Hoofprints in Utah

They remind me of cats: some aloof, some prancing, some sprawled in the dust. One of the llamas leaps into the air, heels almost clicking together, then rushes over to the paddock fence to snuffle at my fingers. A white one, blessed with a lustrous coat and limpid eyes, turns his back to me with a snort. A grey appaloosa arches his back and tosses his head, then flings a glance at me to see if I’ve noticed his display.

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Thursday, 21 December 2006

Castle Hill Resort

‘The Castle’ in southern central Vermont is a little dip into old-fashioned luxury. It is a beautifully appointed restoration with an oval mahogany breakfast room and a library with supple leather couches, a big fireplace, and a grand piano. Its rooms are large and many feature claw foot tubs, writing desks, and fireplaces lit with candles as well as king-sized beds. This was the former home of Vermont governor Alan M. Fletcher and was the first home to be fully wired for electricity and to have an elevator. It was an elegantly completed English Coltswood mansion.

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A lot of us like walking in the forest for the sheer simplicity and beauty of it; the peacefulness of the air, the smell of the wood and flowers, the colors and shapes of the various fungi. Yet we also yearn for something unusual in our lives – something removed from the mundane of our favorite forest trolls.

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Thursday, 31 August 2006

The Plantation Inn on Maui

The Plantation Inn on Maui is a tranquil oasis two blocks from the ocean in the center of Lahaina – a historic whaling town, and the original capital of Hawaii. Opened in 1973, the inn is now owned by Sir Run Run Shaw, a 100-year-old Hong Kong movie mogul and philanthropist.


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Monday, 01 May 2006

The San Andreas Fault


The Fault is a dividing line that separates one part of California that is sliding northward from the other part that is sliding southward. If you have one foot on one side of the fault and the other foot on the other side then your body would begin to twist a little bit as the two tectonic plates of the earth slide by each other.

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