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Monday, 03 May 2010

The Forbidden City, Beijing

Photo by Ian Walker

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Years ago, there was a regular announcement in the New York Times classified section. "Learn five languages a year while striding for exercise, “it announced. That idea fascinated me; on the one hand, it seemed the ultimate in over-achievement; on the other, the thought of seeing the world by walking (though maybe not striding) and engaging with it in its own idiom(s) was just so appealing.

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Monday, 01 May 2006

Postcards from China

The workload is extremely comfortable around here. With five different groups of students, we are able to use the same lesson plan all week long. On a Friday, this could result in a flawless execution of the lesson or a sick-and-tired-of-this-material drone. Of course we aim for the former.

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The Silk Road, it sounds so magical and historical. Can you tell inTravel’s readers about your journey?

My husband always wanted to travel past the end of the Great Wall; the ultimate frontier. He’d said that for years, but it seemed like the time had finally come to make the journey. We decided to bring our grandkids, since they live a fairly isolated life in Wyoming and their parents want them to see other parts of the world. Our great, romantic ideas of our journey began even before we left the US to enter our old homeland.



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