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Monday, 23 March 2009

Affordable Spring Travel

If the dismal economy is preventing you from taking a vacation this spring, consider this:  while most are putting their travel plans on hold, vacations may actually be more affordable now than they have been in years!  Hotels and resorts have been trying to attract travelers by piling on free incentives, to deal with the heavy decline in sales.  The supply of rooms far outstrips the demand, and as a result everything from complimentary breakfast to discount massages are being offered at top dollar hotels.  Rates are also being slashed to almost half the original prices.  To find top travel deals, its been suggested that bargaining may work in this economy- as hotels are more open than ever to anything that will get travelers to come.  Several resorts including The Four Seasons have been offering a third, fourth, or fifth night of travel for free.  Online rates at other resorts, including the new Fairmont Chicago, have been cut in half from the standard price.

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Whether you are a seasoned Boston local or a weekend visitor, Laura Purdom’s Guidebook Secret Boston - The Unique Guidebook to Boston’s Hidden Sites, Sounds, & Tastes, is sure to open your eyes to new and interesting pieces of history and hidden gems of the city.  From “Accent” to “Yoga,” she takes the reader on an alphabetical journey off the beaten track through elements of history, food, entertainment, and lifestyles.
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Sunday, 29 April 2007

Running The Sahara

Have you ever thought it was possible to run across the vastest desert in the world? How about running for over 100 days in the hopes of helping to improve the lives of the people in African communities that don’t have access to clean water? On November 2, 2006, three runners, Ray Zahab, Charlie Engle, and Kevin Lin set out across the world’s largest desert on a life-changing quest that lasted 111 days and covered 4,300 miles.

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