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We were fortunate, especially with the current economic and housing crisis, to have sold our small apartment in New Hampshire for a bit of a profit. Since we had recently retired after over thirty years as educators, we now had the time, the incentive and the self-determination to follow our long-loved passion of slow traveling. In other words: we are senior citizens who will spend our junior year abroad. For the first time in our 45 years of marriage we were homeless, jobless, and after giving our 2003 Honda Hybrid to our daughter, also carless. What were we to do? Follow our passion!

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Monday, 22 March 2010

Experiencing Paris as a Local

There are two ways to experience Paris--as a visitor and as a local. I’ve done both. My first touristic Parisian holidays were amazing. When I passed a boulangerie, I would inhale the aroma of fresh bread deeply. When I visited pâtisseries, I smiled, because the pastries and chocolates were artistic, beyond edible. I didn’t want to blink. The images I’d fashioned over the years were real. I was constantly gazing up and around at the different buildings, absorbing all that centuries of architecture had to offer.

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