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Tuesday, 01 November 2011

Incognito Contest Nov-Dec 2011

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This circular road which features castles, beaches, villages, churches, and waterfalls, is one of the main tourist destinations in this country. It’s popular with tour groups who climb into big buses which are only allowed to travel in one direction; for if they were to meet another bus along the skinny road they wouldn’t be able to pass. Despite the narrow lane it is considered a must-see destination.

This vista is at its outer edge where the ocean stretches unhindered to another continent. There are also many quieter sheltered coves where one could swim in the chilly water or take a long walk along the beach. Many poets have found inspiration in the lush landscape, rugged rocks, and powerful ocean.

This country is an island nation known for lots of green – it helps that it rains almost every day. It has had political and economic instability, but is still a well-traveled land.

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