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Thursday, 09 February 2012

Incognito Contest March-April 2012

IncogSituated in a land of castles this classic one has a drawbridge out of a fairytale. Entering the medieval structure with its thick stone walls that seem to chill the air, you can imagine how royalty lived ages ago. Building began on this castle in the 14th century and it was of great strategic importance. The castle was rebuilt after WWII. It is now a popular local tourist destination close to the much lauded capital city of this country well off the tourist track. Have a boatman take you out on the lake, but barter in the local language since not much English is spoken here with the older generation.

Located between two historic superpowers and occupied by both at various times this country is in a region that finally achieved independence recently. Since then their economy has gone through rapid growth and its own real estate bubble and stabilization.

This country's tall athletes are known for their basketball playing prowess and have gone far in Olympic matches.

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