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My fiancé and I had grown tired of the familiar attractions in Atlantic City that we’d seen before. Upon coming across “Flames,” which suits its name, we immediately fell in love with the décor. It was an outdoor café, located a few blocks from the Atlantic City Hilton Casino Resort, where we were staying for a week. Easy on the eyes, the lovely beach bar was central to all of the excitement, yet it hovered in a realm of its own, offering the tranquility of being on an island paradise away from civilization. Our wooden table was covered with ivory linen and nicely shaded by a tall umbrella. Atop the tables were Red Burgundy wine glasses filled with fresh spring water.

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Friday, 20 October 2006

Eating Raw in Korea

One of the most intriguing things about eating in Korea is that occasionally the food can be delicious and frightening at the same time. My wife and I were very new in Korea, having relocated there only a month earlier to work at a local private school when one night, while we were relaxing in a small park, our boss found us and invited us to an important dinner at a raw fish restaurant.

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If you know anyone who has been to South Africa, they will probably have visited Capetown, Johannesburg and Kruger National Park, but it is highly unlikely that they would have visited the eastern port city of Durban, the biggest port in Africa. This city, more than any other city in South Africa, is where three major cultures have co-existed side-by-side for 150 years.  Zulus in beaded African headdresses, Indians in iridescent saris, and Brits in starched safari outfits


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Gloria, our housekeeper, appears on my back door step to announce that there is a mushroom festival in a little town called Sipicciano.  A village not far from Orvieto in Umbria.  This village does not appear on any map I own.  It is perched on the edge of the Tiber Valley right on the border of Umbria and the Lazio. Like an ancient eagle, it looks down from its aery onto vineyards and olive groves  and over in the far distance towards all the traffic speeding  between Rome and Florence.

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