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I set my alarm for 6 a.m., but since the roosters wake earlier, I’m generally up by 5:30. After a year and half, my life as a Peace Corps volunteer in a Samoan village has in many ways become familiar and routine – but naturally, there are plenty of surprises always waiting to sneak up on me.

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With an increasing awareness of environmental consciousness and concern over carbon emissions, more travelers are looking to the growing trend of buying carbon offsets as one way to become carbon neutral when they fly.  Buying carbon offsets basically means paying someone else to reduce carbon emissions in your stead, so in theory, canceling out your own emissions.
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The hint of a city – plaster white buildings and golden Khmer steeples – finally emerged from the green of the jungle and dirty brown river. After hours of traveling up the Mekong, the small clunky motorboat began its approach into Phnom Penh, the driver taking a back door approach into the city as to avoid the racers. It was the final day of Bonn Om Teuk, the water festival, one of the most important national holidays in Cambodia.

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Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Australia's El Nino

While traveling in Australia you may wonder why all those forecasters are so focused on El Niño (and what is “Southern Oscillation” anyways?). Australia has one of the most distinct climates on the planet, which is due in large part to it’s unique geography. The continent is the driest on earth, and even the temperate regions are prone to drought and brush fires. Australia has a high variability of year-to-year rainfall, which is influenced by Southern Oscillation and El Niño. El Niño – Southern Oscillation (ENSO) causes significant seasonal anomalies all over the globe, but Australia is particularly affected. Australia can experience severe droughts interspersed with extensive wet periods, and possibly increased cyclones, heat waves, and frosts.

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