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Friday, 29 December 2006

Grundig Mini 100 PE Worldband Radio

The Grundig Mini World Radio is an entry-level short-wave receiver ideal for a specific buyer: the weight- and budget-conscious but well-informed world traveler. At less than thirty dollars ($27 - $50 online), it is light on the budget.

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Over the past several years, we have seen great leaps and strides in miniaturization. This has led to an increase in the so-called “combo” device–including the now ubiquitous camera/phone and the flashlight/radio. Garmin’s Rino 110 is an excellent example of how combination devices can provide increased portability and excellent value. With both a 2-way radio and a basic GPS navigation system, it provides both limited communications and the strong GPS performance that has been Garmin’s hallmark in the past.

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The DVR-510 is one of Vivitar’s digital video cameras. This camera can do more than just video and still images it can also be used as a voice recorder, MP3 player, and a PC camera. If you’re going for a light-weight, all-in-one device, this could be a bonus for you. It also supports PictBridge printing, so if you have a PictBridge printer you can print directly from the camera.


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