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We began our journey deep into Patagonia from Carretera Austral with a three-and-a-half-day journey past fjords and glaciers on NavimagNavimag is a large barge that carries all the supplies down to the southern part of Chile.  The trip used to be solely for transport, but occasionally backpackers would hitch a ride until it became so popular that the company built many cabins where there used to be cargo; now their business is largely a tourist enterprise.  It is the cruise for those who can’t afford to cruise.

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Monday, 01 May 2006

Mansion Dandi Royal, Buenos Aires

Ahh, the pleasures of staying in an old mansion in Buenos Aires. Every detail is accounted for here at a price you could never find in the US. When we arrived, we ended up walking right past it. Fortunately, the doorman came out after us and when we stopped to check the address, there he was, gathering up our bags and waving us back. The hot buzz of Buenos Aires faded



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Hollyhock was a delicious break on a journey through fjords, gardens, & forests. It took forever to get there, but it was worth it! Hollyhock is on an island and to get to that island by car from the mainland you need to take at least three ferries. The first ferry is to Vancouver Island, then a drive to Campbell River, then a ferry to Quadra island, a drive across it, and yet another ferry to Cortes island where Hollyhock resides. There is nothing quick about this journey, but going by ferry seems like a nice prelude to the retreat. There is nothing to do but watch the superb landscapes slowly pass by, your car tucked

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The Silk Road, it sounds so magical and historical. Can you tell inTravel’s readers about your journey?

My husband always wanted to travel past the end of the Great Wall; the ultimate frontier. He’d said that for years, but it seemed like the time had finally come to make the journey. We decided to bring our grandkids, since they live a fairly isolated life in Wyoming and their parents want them to see other parts of the world. Our great, romantic ideas of our journey began even before we left the US to enter our old homeland.



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