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Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Amma'€™s World Tour and Amritapuri Ashram

Years ago I ended up on a river boat in Kerala – India’s ‘Venice’ – and disembarked in Amritapuri to find Amma’s Ashram. I was traveling through India visiting various Ashrams without knowing much about the gurus beforehand. I visited Sai Baba who could change water to gold, the spiritual community of Auroville and the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in the southeast, and Osho’s Ashram near Pune. The guru I felt most connected to in the end was Amma (Mother).

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Wednesday, 08 August 2007

Stockholm on a Budget

I’ve met too many people who’ve decided to cut Scandinavia out of their European itinerary because of fear of high costs. So, this spring when I caught a sale for a $199 round-trip ticket to Stockholm from NY ($389 with taxes) I grabbed it and was off on another adventure – to prove Stockholm is possible on a budget.

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Saturday, 30 June 2007

Travel Lithuania!

Looking for a safe place to explore with friendly and beautiful people, ancient castles, magnificent churches, cobblestone streets, quiet forests, thousands of lakes, huge sand dunes, and sparkling beaches lining the sea?

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There is something so romantic about the restored riads (traditional houses) of Morocco. Dar Seffarine is an exceptional example of that. Its tile work is intricate and exquisite and its carved cedar wood gorgeous. The architecture is outstanding with huge carved doors and passageways that lead you up to secret balconies. Part of what gives it its romantic feel is the fact that it is nestled in some of the busiest, most confusing, and somewhat threatening tangle of alleyways in the ancient city of Fes, so it feels like a calm oasis in the midst of the storm.

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Lighthouse Picnics was one of the best and utterly unique meal experiences I’ve had. An old lighthouse that sits on a crest of rock overlooking the tattered coast of Newfoundland was restored recently and made into this great restaurant by two women – one of whom went to organic cooking school in Ireland, and the others’ family had been the lighthouse keeper’s years before. The food is fantastic, though there is not a huge selection – each day there are three specials and three cakes.

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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Villa Saada, Essaouira, Morocco

Villa Saada is a restful refuge on Morocco’s Atlantic coastline, close to Essaouira. When you’re ready for some peace after the hustle (& hustlers) of Marrakech – this is the place to escape to. When you arrive you’ll be greeted by the friendly smiles of all who work there, as everyone comes out to greet the guests, a very welcoming touch. As you enter the first courtyard you’ll notice the lovely décor inside these cool walls, and the quiet, as you are about 15 km from Essaouira and down a long driveway. We were offered tea upon arrival and took it in the nice salon in front of the fireplace. Even though it was not cold outside, Momo, the excellent waiter/driver/cook started a nice fire in minutes.

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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Bluelist 2007: The Best in Travel

Bluelist 2007 The Best in Travel by Lonely Planet Books covers an astounding variety of places and kinds of travel.  Its publisher describes it as ‘a conversation about travel’ and it is always changing pace like a lively chat.
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Thursday, 21 December 2006

Castle Hill Resort

‘The Castle’ in southern central Vermont is a little dip into old-fashioned luxury. It is a beautifully appointed restoration with an oval mahogany breakfast room and a library with supple leather couches, a big fireplace, and a grand piano. Its rooms are large and many feature claw foot tubs, writing desks, and fireplaces lit with candles as well as king-sized beds. This was the former home of Vermont governor Alan M. Fletcher and was the first home to be fully wired for electricity and to have an elevator. It was an elegantly completed English Coltswood mansion.

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Thursday, 19 October 2006

Finca Adalgisa, Mendoza, Argentina

If you like wine, you must go to Mendoza, Argentina; Finca Adalgisa in particular.  It is the smallest winery in Mendoza and the people are gracious, the place is lovely, and the wines are fantastic.  A guide will bring you on a tour through the vineyard, estate, winery, and then lead you to the tasting area.  My main experience with wine tasting had been in California and other places in the US, where you spend about 15 minutes standing at a bar waiting for the bartender to return so you can get another thimble-sized taste of wine.

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Thursday, 31 August 2006

Newfoundland: Earth to Human

In July I went on a different type of tour of Newfoundland. If I had to put a name on it, I'd call it a “human-centered eco-tour.”  ‘Earth to Human’ was our theme as we explored Gros Morne National Park and Newfoundland’s Northern Peninsula, seeing breathtaking landscapes as well as visiting all types of sustainable projects from newly created ecological reserves to the lodges that thrive on the influx of tourism...

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