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Friday, 03 July 2009

Good Night and God Bless

Good Night and God Bless by Trish Clark is a guide to the best monastery and convent accommodations in Italy, Austria, and the Czech Republic. The book begins with the author’s tale of how she stumbled upon staying in a convent guesthouse in Rome when the hostel she normally stayed at was overbooked. Seeing that it was a fine place for a traveler to stay and it required no religious affiliation or attendance, she began seeking these places out.

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Frommer’s 500 Places to See before they Disappear by Holly Hughes is a compendium of the world’s natural and cultural wonders that sit on the edge of being compromised by various forms of encroachment. Whether it is the endangered species whose habitat is being destroyed, glaciers melting and disappearing, or architectural gems being withered away by pollution or overuse, many of the places should be seen now if you want to experience them.

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