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Southern Patagonia: the Bottom of the Earth

Art Hotel, Buenos Aires

Finca Adalgisa, Mendoza, Argentina

Payunia: The Earth's Origins Offer a New Look at Mendoza

Mansion Dandi Royal, Buenos Aires

Land of Ice and Fire: Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego

Buenos Aires


Empire of the Sun and Moon: A Bolivian Creation Story

Conserving the Bolivian Amazon

The Aymara Mystery, Bolivia

Beware the Bolivian Armada

Pura Vida: Chip Albright Bikes the Americas

The Salt Hotel, Bolivia

Finding Joy in Sucre, Bolivia

"Whine" Potosi

Snow White Lakes...But No Snow


Beads and Prayers: a Candomble Ceremony in Brazil

Five Reasons I Need to Go Back to Rio de Janeiro

In Translation: Language Gaffes in Brazil

Travel Photography Showcase: Brazil

Barra Grande, Finding Peace on Brazil's Hidden Islands

Volunteering in NE Brazil


Torres del Paine, Chile

Chilly Chile

Parque Nacional Conguillio (Conguillio National Park), Chile

Solo Bus Adventures: Atacama to Salta

Hotel Del Patio, Santiago, Chile

Hiking the "W": Torres Del Paine National Park, Chile

Sleeping in a Volcano: Chile’s Magic Mountain Lodge

Land of Ice and Fire: Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego

Descending the Andes? Don't Look!

Vila Franca, Santiago, Chile


Palanqueras: The Fruit Basket Ladies of Cartagena

Colombia's Tatacoa Desert the Ochre Valley of Sorrows

Travel Photographs: Colombia

Colombia: a Second Chance at Happiness

One Sound Made all the Difference

Cartagena's Arepa Lady

Potholes and a River Crossing in Colombia

Containers in the Atlantic: Being a Passenger on a Container Ship

Cartagena Colombia

Cartagena, Colombia: Buses in South America – To Look or not to Look?

Learning a Language: The Foreign Family Vacation – aka Trial by Fire


The Incubation of Evolution: The Galapagos Islands, 2021

Travel Photographs: Galapagos

The Last Climb

Ecotourism in Mindo, Ecuador

Don't Stand so Close to Me

A Land Based Tour in the Galapagos

Choose Your Own Adventure: Ecuadorian Rain Forest

Cataloging the Biodiversity of Reptiles and Amphibians in Western Ecuador

Itching for Ingapirca

Living in Ecuador: 5 Stages of Culture Shock

Merazonia: Building a Future for Ecuador's Fauna

Flea Market Pup

Travel Photography Showcase: Ecuador

French Guiana


Islas Malvinas (Falklands)

Tidings of Tussac Grass: Falkland Islands


Someday I'll Learn


Ten Memorable Peruvian Food and Drink Experiences


Welcome to the Jungle

Vine of the Soul: Ayahuasca

Mas Economico Bus

Surviving a Traditional Ayahuasca Ceremony

Paz Y Luz, Pisac, Peru

Consider a Working Holiday in Peru

Volunteering in Cusco: Values, Principles, and Love

Mountain Lodges of Peru: Machu Picchu Lodge to Lodge

Willka T'ika Garden Guest House

Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel

The Spiritual Experience of Machu Picchu



Uruguay: Cycling on the Other Side of the World

Forgotten Stamps on my Passport


14 Best of 2014: a Trip Around the World

The Water People of Venezuela

Venezuela: An Adventure on the Real Paradise Falls




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