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Flying with the Doors Off: Capturing the Beauty of Kauai

  The emerald green jungle sailed past at 150 miles per hour with nothing between me and the cliff walls but air. My helicopter tour of the island of Kauai was going to be an adrenaline charged ...
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The Show Must Go On: Working on the Australian Circus Circuit

My eyes snapped open as I laid still on my back staring forwards, listening attentively to the bellowing voices in the dark which have disturbed my slumber. At first alarmed, I breathed a sigh of ...
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Eight Great Places to Eat in Tokyo

  Japan is not just about ‘that sushi’. From unagi eel and tonkatsu pork cutlets to okonomiyaki pancakes and all good things tofu, the capital of Japan, Tokyo, is home to a generous quantity of ...
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Lost in Porta Portese Flea Market, Rome

  There was no doubt about it. We were well and truly lost. Our coach was due to collect us in 20 minutes, and we had no idea where we were, let alone how to find our way back to our pick-up point ...
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Travel Photographs: Cambodia

Travel Photography from Cambodia by Christina Kay Bolton     (c)Christina Kay Bolton


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