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Austria: A Land of Scenic Beauty and Historic, Medieval Towns

  My first trip to Europe forty years ago started with a group tour to Vienna and then on to other countries in Europe. I fell in love with the totally intact old city and vowed one day to return ...

Taipei, Taiwan: Intriguing, Alive, Charming

Taipei is seedy – a never ending red light district. Illuminated signs flash, studded lights line up in an arrow formation pointing to unknown places. Elegant, grotesque Banyan trees flank and frame ...

How Did You Get That Shot?

In How Did You Get That Shot? David Skernick, a professional photographer and educator, gives detailed info on how he took each of the 144 photos in this coffee table book.   Skernick has a ...
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Top Six Affordable Places for Digital Nomads to Live and Work Overseas

With the global boom in internet access throughout the last couple of decades, the world’s job industries have been reinvented. No longer are we tied to desks—or even cities. Digital nomads (DNs) are ...
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Travel Photography: Laos

Travel photographs from Laos by Brittany Rohm   (c)Brittany Rohm
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The Blue Mosque, Istanbul

One great photo: the Blue Mosque Photo (c) Bea Bolton


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