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The Cafe's, Gardens and Sights of Santa Barbara, California

This spring we traveled to Santa Barbara, California for the first time to visit our granddaughter. The random images we had of Santa Barbara were Spanish architecture, U2’s song about Santa Barbara ...
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Best Romantic Spots to Explore in the US’s Surprisingly Romantic Capital

   When we think about Washington DC, romance is not usually what comes to mind. Especially with all of the partisan bickering, and the notion that DC is a town obsessed with politics to the ...

Which Cities are Best for Green Travel?

  Green awareness is a rapidly expanding part of travel and many are looking to visit and support the countries that are devoting resources towards combating climate change. But which places are ...

Travel Photographs: Suriname

Travel Photography from Suriname, South America   Kees Kortmulder   Kineshkumar Ghirao      Vincent Van Zalinge    Lindau Karijopawiro   ...
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Indescribable: Chad

Otherworldly photos of the country of Chad in Northern Africa from the USGS (United States Geological Survey)   A volcanic landscape in the Tibesti Mountains of Chad shows some mysterious ...


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