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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Volunteer Teacher Thailand - Page 3

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With VTT you must find your own accommodation, but places like the one we stayed in (Khao Lak Seafood Family House) with hot water, but without AC were about $30 a night. The weather, even in early February, was extremely hot, so you may want to consider AC. Even swimming in the ocean didn’t help as the water was not cool enough to be refreshing.

Khao Lak is a resort town that gets lots of German, Russian, and Scandinavian tourists. Although most of the infrastructure is brand new from rebuilding, there is very little ‘local feel’ to the town. Without doing the volunteer work we probably would have left quite soon. There are many restaurants in the town – from stalls that serve cheap, basic dishes to more upscale places like Smile Khao Lak which has a delicious French-Thai menu.

Unlike some other volunteer programs there was quite a bit of downtime, so after school we went swimming and for long walks on the beach. Weekends were free as well and we were invited by the high school coordinator on an outing with other teachers to a special island for a picnic. We would have loved to join in, but that was our departure day, so we weren’t able to, but it was nice to be included after only a week of volunteering.

If you’re looking for a way to contribute to children’s education and try your hand at teaching English, VTT is a great place to start.

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