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Monday, 22 March 2010

Pura Vida: Chip Albright Bikes the Americas - Page 3

Written by Kristen Hamill
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Chip Albright is a self-described modern day explorer from a small town in rural Ohio. Inspired by a passion for the environment and a desire to see the world, Chip left his studies at Hocking College early to travel through Europe, the Middle East, Northern Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and eventually South and North America. He's funded his travels with a variety of different jobs -- from farming, to waiting tables, to working on a prawn boat off the coast of Western Australia for eight months-- whatever it took to get to his next destination, and he has no plans on stopping anytime soon.




INTRAVEL: How did they perceive your journey in those remote areas? Did they understand what you were doing?

They did understand after I explained to them why I was doing it. I think they also saw it as a bit of a luxury that I could travel through these areas on a bike. I don’t think they got many tourists in that area in general, let alone those on bicycles. They were pretty shocked to say the least, but they were still so inviting and generous. They invited me to sleep in their homes, their fields, to drink chico with them, and to really relax. And I had to give them credit, the last thing I wanted to do after riding a bike for six hours was sit around and talk, but they understood that I was tired and gave me my peace and let me go. That was completely different to when I was in Costa Rica, Panama, or anywhere in Central America—the people there kind of smothered me.

INTRAVEL:Was there anywhere you didn’t get to visit that you would have liked to?

I think I would have liked to keep going up the Andes Mountains, up through Peru and into Ecuador. I also didn’t get to go up through the beautiful coastline in Brazil, instead I came up through the Amazon. But on a bicycle you can’t do it all.

INTRAVEL: So what is next for you after finishing up in California?

In two weeks my girlfriend and I will be shooting up the California coast to Seattle and then up to British Colombia in Canada, and finally into Alaska by the beginning of September. Then I hope to head home to Ohio for a little bit, I work for the newspaper in my hometown, and I plan on giving a big presentation about my trip. Then I plan on going back to Australia for an eight months to work on the fishing boats and make some cash. Then who knows, I might go to Africa, I might go to Mongolia, may go to India and do some volunteer work. Either way I know I am just going to keep traveling.

INTRAVEL: Any advice for people who want to make a similar biking journey?

If I had listened to every single person about this trip who told me “you can’t do it, this is not possible, do you have any idea what you are doing?” I would never have made it. You've got have faith in yourself and have a bit of heart. Know what you are made of and what you are capable of, and give those people a nice little wink and let them see what you can do. Anyone can do this trip; it is more mental than physical. You just have to give 110% and be hell-bent on finishing it. You have to believe in yourself.


(c)Kristen Hamill

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