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Saturday, 07 January 2012

Interview with TV Host Martyn Andrews - Page 3

Written by Nate Marcus
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What are other up-and-coming destinations you recommend?


Americans have got this fascination with Paris. It's horrendously expensive, the weather is a little bit better than London. I think that Eastern Europe is the place anybody should visit. Croatia is the new Spain. Dubrovnik is sensational, the most beautiful place to visit. Poland, Cracow, Warsaw are these beautiful medieval places. Estonia, Latvia - again, are medieval winter wonderlands. Visit these instead of the conventional sites.


I like to do wacky things, like visit Transylvania for Halloween. (Nobody dresses up as Dracula, except for me.) You could almost hear werewolves. And everything was a dollar. The food, the taxis, the drinks, everything was a dollar. The cheapest place I've ever visited in my life.


I think people should visit Central America more. Nicaragua, El Salvador are beautiful countries. I think these will be the next big tourist developments - go there before they develop.


Do you have any advice for travelers?


What I would say to every traveler: take your own pillow. Bring your own toilet paper. Take a scented candle always (the whole range of hotel rooms can smell horrible).


Always, always get business cards printed. Networking during traveling has meant I have places to stay, invited to parties when I come back. And, use social networking to get to know ahead the places to go and places not to go.


I always order Kosher meals on airplanes (become they cost the airline 3 times more than the normal meals and you get served first) and check in 15 minutes before - if they run out of space in economy, they have to upgrade you to first class. Make sure you are a frequent flyer member on every airline to get airline miles.


Where next?


I'm flying to Moscow tonight, and then back to London the next day, and then to Rio on Saturday. That's my life now. And it's fabulous.

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