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Saturday, 07 January 2012

Interview with TV Host Martyn Andrews - Page 2

Written by Nate Marcus
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What’s the most valuable television show you have produced, in terms of the new information you’ve learned?


I think it was when I visited the Polar circle. I went to an area with the Eskimo people, living in "chums" and they were called Nennetts. No Skype, water, internet... the most simple, basic people I've ever met in my entire life and all of a sudden my entire existence became this materialistic horror.

Meeting them and eating with them showed me how simple and happy life can be without what Westerners put up with. It taught me a lot about humanity, about how simplicity and stillness and nature are actually what life is about. It's about family values, human contact, love, and not skyscrapers and so on. It took my breath away, and made me question myself and my existence.


What advice to you have for people who dream to become TV hosts?


One thing that is different about me from other presenters is that I am ridiculously pro-active. I'm constantly doing travel talks, conferences, trying to keep my fingers in my New York, Russian, English scenes. The biggest thing is to be pro-active. It has nothing to do with how good you are. It is the right place at the right time, and a lot of luck.

What personality traits are needed to be successful in your line of work?


You need persistence and patience. The TV/media world is tempestuous and tumultuous, and involves lots of egos. As the face of the program, whether you are tired, hung over, lonely and miserable, you can't let that go. I hope that I always come off as ridiculously personable.


I think my discipline stems from my theater days, knowing that there are always 20,000 people who can get that job.


How are stories determined?


Actually, I do. I do have a team of researchers that help me out, but for myself, it's pretty easy to know what foreigners would want to know about.


Moscow OutAs a westerner, I think Russia is the most misunderstood country in the world, and Moscow is the most misunderstood city. Russia has volcanoes in the east, palm trees in the south, and the people are traditional and wonderful and great partiers. Moscow is the new New York, like New York was in the 80's - opulent, exciting, historic. I find it unfortunate that the media all over the world really gives a bad impression of Russia. I think it's one of the most misunderstood, sensational, adventurous countries that exist.


How many countries have you been to?


I've been to 130-odd countries. My travels range from 5-star glamorous private jet vacations and crying through the dirt backpacking. And both are sensational vacations. I went last year overground from Panama to Mexican city. We were part of a hold-up in a bar, a fabulous experience. 

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