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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Drawing the Dark Side in South Korea - Page 2

Written by Hannah Garrard
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H: Do you have recurring characters, and favourite characters you like to draw? I’ve noticed there are a lot of skeletons in your work. 


B: Yeah, but not so much these days. I used to draw skeletons quite a lot. Women are very much a recurring theme, and some animals crop up again and again- canines in general. 


H: Do you think dogs have personalities? 


B: Yes, I think they are one of the more human animals. They’re quite needy, they have the same good and bad qualities of people I think.


H: There’s some work on your website called ‘For the Kids”, is it really for the kids? You draw images which would scare children, like demons and oversized bears.


B:  Yeah, twisted fairytales. I quite like subverting things which have quite warm and sweet connotations, and then giving them the opposite, then doing it the other way round-something which has an uneasy feeling, taking it and trying to make it formidable or approachable. 


‘For the Kids’ was a project I did in university. It was some pieces I’d done mainly based around the anxieties of being a kid- the paranoia of adults and false preconceptions. 


H: There’s a macabre, dark tone to many of the things you draw. What do you find so fascinating about the dark side?


B: It’s a bit boring drawing cute happy things all the time. I don’t get much enjoyment out of that. I don’t like drawing twee things too much, but I understand that some of my work is a bit twee, but I try not to make it like that. 

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