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Wednesday, 01 May 2019

Out of this World: Visiting the Stunning Islands of Alaska - Page 2

Written by Katlyn Grannis
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Photo by David Tatum


Prince of Wales Island

Prince of Wales is the fourth-largest island in the US. The island has a rich history starting with the Tlingit People and later on settlers who came seeking gold, copper, and other minerals. Today the island offers lodging, restaurants, and unique tourist destinations such as fish ladders and caves. While the island is not as large as others, it does have its own airport and thriving economy. Each year championship sport fishing tournaments are held to discover new talent.


Baranof Island

This island supports a population of fewer than 10,000 people and was named after one of the first settlers, Alexander Baranof. Baranof Island underwent a small gold mining stage, but today makes its living off the tourist and fishing industry with its main city being Sitka. Sitka has many totem poles in Sitka National Historical Park as well as Russian historical buildings and is a popular cruise ship port.


Don’t Forget to Explore!

Many of the islands in Alaska are a part of conservations or state parks, this allows many more people to visit the islands while protecting the natural wildlife of the area. To be able to explore all of Alaska could take several lifetimes combined. It is a beautiful state with plenty of natural beauty, delicious food, and friendly people. While the state is much more than its islands they bear great significance to its size and development.

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Photo by Jonathan Wheeler


©Katlyn Grannis

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