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Monday, 01 July 2019

Five Secluded Beaches You Should Visit This Year

Written by Kylee Ryers
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Photo thanks to Humphrey Muleba 

With around 2.4 billion people in the world living with 60 miles of the coastline, according to information from the U.N.’s Ocean Conference, there are a lot of beaches that tend to be pretty crowded. While not all popular beaches are bad places to go, sometimes you want a more private, quiet experience to enjoy the wonders of the ocean. These are some of the best unique, secluded beaches you should consider checking out this year.


Playa Arcos, Costa Rica

The name of this beach translates to “arch beach” in English, and it’s a stunning ocean area that you can get to by hiking through Ballena National Park. Adventurous travelers will love that the beach is next to rainforests and rugged cliffs. Plus, you might see some amazing marine wildlife in this protected marine park, and there are even rock caves and hidden waterfalls to explore.


Conway Bay Beach, Galapagos Islands

A perfect place to have an adventurous and unique beach vacation is in the Galapagos Islands. Conway Bay Beach is a beach that’s somewhat out of the way of the main areas as it’s not on the route of most cruise ships. You can get to this beach by hiring a local boat, which means it’s a great option for families or people who need accessible options when traveling. Once you get to the beach, you might see some sea lions or iguanas, and you’ll have a quiet area to enjoy.

Simon Matzinger QOmxP7W8svM Unsplash

Photo thanks to Simon Matzinger


Sand Beach, Bar Harbor, Maine

If you are looking for a unique beach in the US, Sand Beach in Acadia National Park in Maine offers a stunning view where the mountains and rocky shores meet. To get there you hike 1 ½ miles on a well trodden coastal path, but this means you’ll get to enjoy a stunning beach that is surrounded by forested hills and large rocks to sit on and relax. Visit the famous Jordan Pond House for tea and popovers on your way. Acadia National Park offers many sheltered coves and plenty of scenic roads to explore as well.


Monkey Beach, Ko Phi Phi, Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Places like Phuket, Thailand are well-known for being extremely gorgeous but also relatively cheap. Thailand is a popular destination for many tourists, but If you want to enjoy the beauty of Thailand's beaches but don’t want to be around as many people, check out Monkey Beach. To get there, you’ll take a ferry from Phuket or Krabi and then need to rent a kayak or other boat to get to this secluded beach. However, the long journey is worth it since you’ll be around curious monkeys and in a beautiful, less touristy area.

Manuel Cosentino AwoNdzQSzqs Unsplash

Photo thanks to Manuel Cosentino


Tikling Island, Sorsogon, Philippines

Powder-like sand, bright sunny skies, and the water in all shades of blue, this beach is a natural marine reserve that features pink sands and crystal clear waters. Located near near Zamboanga’s Great Santa Cruz Island (dubbed one of the 21 best beaches in the world, according to the National Geographic). While it is not entirely secluded, the low key island can be a great option for travelers looking for peaceful waves away from the city. It is important to note that Tikling does not offer accommodation on the beach. However, the nearby town of Matnog offers hotels for every budget in mind.


Sometimes, you just want to have a beach vacation that’s off the beaten path. While some of these beaches take a little more work to get to, they are definitely worth it.

Justin Kauffman FM0ZBklturE Unsplash

Photo thanks to Justin Kauffman


©Kylee Ryers

Last modified on Tuesday, 09 July 2019

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