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Saturday, 01 September 2018

Comparing Tuscany and Provence - Page 2

Written by Emily and Russ Firlik
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(6) Pottery in Provence is varied in texture, and of fine quality, and is frequently displayed indoors and out of doors. There are more clay deposits in Provence than in Tuscany.


(7) We found the people in both Provence and Tuscany to be equally friendly, helpful, and kind. There appeared to be an equal amount of English speakers, however, more so in the major tourist towns of Tuscany.


(8) In terms of general ambience, cafes and variety of antiquities, Provence is on top. After all the great Italian poet Petrarch (1304-1374) chose Provence as his base. Explanation point - nothing can compare to Florence as the center of art and sculpture.


(9) In Tuscany the hot and long, warm days had encouraged a surprisingly diversity of wildlife. Tuscany’s national parks, wildlife reserves, mountains and vast woodlands provide a habitat for wildlife to flourish. We found evidence of flora in both regions. Deep in the Tuscan countryside we saw and heard deer, wild boar, red foxes and pheasants. In Provence we found Mimosa, white oak, lavender and various wide flowers. Fauna in Provence resulted in spotting one eagle, a couple of white owls and a beaver. We found more dedicated forest areas in Provence and the Languedoc region than in Tuscany. There are fewer Cypress trees in Provence than in Tuscany, but more oak and plane trees in Provence.


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(10) Behold - there are no marble mountains in Provence - Hold on, there are no ochre mountains in Tuscany!

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(11) There is no Camargue area in Tuscany - this 346,000 acres of nature reserve its unique character and unusual traditions: white horses, cowboys/cowgirls (guardians) and local bullfighting, called Course Camarguaise. This type of bullfighting involves men (called raseteurs), in which they try and pull ribbons off the bull’s horns - the bull is never killed. Nothing in Tuscany can compare to the huge salt flats and salt mountains of this Camargue. Tuscany has no tradition of bullfighting as there are many other sources of entertainment for the Tuscanitas.

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(12) We found more parking fees are required in Provence than in Tuscany. Almost every large town and small city requires a parking sticker. The fees range from 2 to 5 EUR ( $3 - 6 @ exchange rate of 1.34) depending on location and time allowances. For example, when in Avignon we payed 3 EUR for three hours parking; we certainly did not complain about the small parking fees.


(13) The population of the Provence region is 4.9 million as opposed to the population of Tuscany’s 3.7 million. The area of Provence is 12,000 square miles Tuscany is 8,900 square miles. Due to the larger area, Provence has more beaches and beach fronts than Tuscany. This was most pronounced when we visited the Mediterranean area from Stes-Maries de la Mer to Marseille to St. Tropez to Nice.


(14) Many more farmers markets, selling clothing and antiques in all the villages, towns and cities we explored. We rarely found such diversity and market largeness in Tuscany.

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