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Thursday, 01 March 2018

The Show Must Go On: Working on the Australian Circus Circuit - Page 5

Written by Sal Bolton
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MOOO! BAAA! CHEEP! the noises continued to drum at me.



I looked over to the bird pen and it dawned on me.


The ducklings were no where to be seen.


Cursing, I dropped the food bowls, letting them clatter to the ground and bolted out of the animal shed back towards the big top. John was sitting and laughing with Marcus, the circus owner, having been talked into having a beer and a *'yarn'. A look of surprise crossed both their faces as they saw me jogging towards them covered in saw dust.


'The ducklings have got out, they're not there' I panted, my breath hitching as I hunched over, hands on my knees.


'Ah strewth, you sure? they must have squeezed out, must be a gap in the pen somewhere' John replied looking puzzled.


'No worries, when one duckling goes, the rest follow as a brood' assured Marcus, tipping the neck of his beer bottle towards me.


'They can't have gone far, we'll just round them up and lead them back' presumed John, rising from his seat and placing his beer bottle down on the grass next to him.


'Ha ha, 'round them up', like they're cattle or something' I scoffed at the absurd comedy that the situation could carry.


'Can't have gone far, we'll find them' he repeated, waving his hand as a gesture for me to follow as he started to walk away. The optimistic Aussie attitude illuminating from him as we set off on our search for the ducklings.


The show must go on.



* yarn - Australian slang for 'having a conversation'



©Sal Bolton

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