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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Stuck in Istanbul - Page 3

Written by Antonina Okinina
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After long and lonely roaming about the city, you really want to have a word with someone. In Istanbul, sometimes unfortunately, sometimes fortunately, it is simply not a problem. On the Hippodrome square, a 30-year Istanbul resident, a student in psychology, is trying to sell me a book-guide. Stopping only to say “Thank you, no”, I get stuck for several hours. My new companion has in store a great deal of life stories, which he tirelessly transmits into the world with Nasreddin-like self-irony.

“Once I’ve made a stupid thing: I’ve left my new shoes before the doorstep of my apartment. And they were stolen. I thought it over, and decided to pop into the nearest secondhand. There, I said nothing about the theft, but colorfully explained that kind of shoes I had been long dreaming to buy. Shop assistant left and after a while brought the same shoes which had been stolen from me”.

“I can’t believe you bought them!”

“But of course!”

“I hope this time it was cheaper”.

“Yes, this time only 30 liras. Originally, they cost 120. But I was bargaining. After all, somebody wore those couple of times...”

As I mentioned, Istanbul is like a big market. And yes, they sell everything: from roasted chestnuts to stolen shoes. And sometimes even yours.

Istanbul 24

© Antonina Okinina

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