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Sunday, 01 January 2012

Memoirs of a Koshimoto - Page 2

Written by Andrea Oikawa
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      Yukie urged me to get in touch with her contact, Mrs. Suzuki, to confirm the discount.  The princess price was still a bit hefty, but with some scrimping and saving the lady-in-waiting, or Koshimoto in Japanese, was within reach.
      I emailed my application that night in English.  The deadline was February 28th.
March 8th

      No reply…  Unable to contact the planning committee myself owing to my lack of Japanese speaking skills -- reserved for ordering food or directing taxi drivers -- I had to wait until class with Yukie and Kanako.
March 11th

      Yukie and Kanako told me Mrs. Suzuki had not received my application.  Their assumption was someone had seen my English email and simply deleted it.  Fair play; had some strange email in a foreign language come across my inbox it would have befallen the same fate. 
      “Send it again.” Yukie said. 
      “Won’t it be the same problem?” I pondered.  In the past two weeks my Japanese certainly hadn’t improved enough to properly fill in the blanks. 
    “English will be fine,” Yukie assured me, “I will tell Mrs. Suzuki to watch for it.”

    This time it went through.  The next morning I received a totally illegible email.  By illegible I mean it was written in Japanese, oddly enough.  I took it to work for translation.  I learned I was accepted, and now needed to wait until the end of March for further information.

March 31st 

      No information received.
April 1st

      Both Yukie and Kanako were absent.  Since the event was on the 25th of this month, waiting until their next class on the 8th and asking them to inquire about the AWOL information on my behalf was no problem.
April 5th

      Hurrah!  A big green courier envelope arrived at my apartment bearing the details.  I breathed a sigh of relief.  Until it hit me that it was of course, all in Japanese.  I couldn’t make heads or tails of it.  A lot of kanji (the complicated Chinese characters adopted into Japanese language). 
      Plugging through, I managed to decipher the amount of money wanted (I was pleased to see the 50% discount), the bank details to pay the fee and a deadline of April 9th. 
      I also saw a time:  8:30 am.  And possibly a place?  So, I knew when to be there, but where was there?  The only thing I could understand were the diagrams requiring my head measurements.  So I measured my poor head as it came to grips with my illiteracy.

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