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Saturday, 30 June 2007

Living and working in Oz - Page 6

Written by Megan Manni
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By most people’s standards, I had made it. I had a good job - glamorous even to some - great benefits and off-the-chart raises every year. By no means was I rich, but I paid all my bills and made it work. I had my own apartment in New York City, my life all planned out according to subway line, volunteer work, and a vibrant social life. I was living in the largest and arguably the most exciting city in the world, but something was still missing.


An Aussie Dictionary

sunnies = sunglasses

top up = refill (verb and noun)

Air Con = air conditioning

bikkies = biscuits

biscuits = cookies

sultanas = raisins

eskie = cooler

togs = swimsuit

Brizzie = Brisbane (even the pilot calls it that)

winge = whine (verb and noun)

chunder = puke (verb and noun)

goss = gossip

avo = afternoon

exy = expensive

hundgie = hundred

yobbo = hick/country bumpkin

Kiwi = someone from New Zealand

devo'ed = devastated, shattered, bummed out

Rotto = Rottnest Island

Freo = Fremantle, W.A.

Too easy! = nice! beautiful!

She'll be awwriiite, mate = it'll be ok

Yer awriight = it’s ok/no problem

Howye going? = How are you?

Good on ya = good for you, nice going

Heaps = lots, very/really or much

Keen as = eager to, ready, psyched

Tah = Thanks

brekkie = breakfast

cuppa = cup of tea

lollies = candy

nong = idiot

mozzie = mosquito

Rocky = Rockhampton

joey = baby kangaroo

jumbuck = sheep

cordial = fruit squash

Chardy = Chardonnay

That’s s**thouse = that sucks

Schooner = pint of beer

Jug = pitcher

Witches hats = orange cones on road

Trading hours = hours a store is open

Hotel = pub

Apartments = hotel rooms

Flats = apartments

Arcade = shopping center

Pokeys = gambling rooms, slot machines

Whereabouts = where

What are you after = what would you like?


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