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Tuesday, 01 March 2016

Snowed In: An Unexpected Arizona Experience - Page 2

Written by Jessica Scott
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The eight of us were in two separate trucks, one with 4-wheel drive, and the other without. Leaving dinner, there wasn’t the slightest doubt that we would have any trouble navigating our way back into the mountains. But as we approached the driveway, we found ourselves in over three inches of fluffy white snow. The 4-wheel drive truck went first, with my 85 year old grandfather at the helm. At the first incline we watched as his rear tires spun and the truck veered from one side to the other without making any progress. My cousin pulled up beside him in the rented, 2-wheel drive truck and told him to put it in 4-wheel drive. Apparently, my grandpa had never used that feature before and was under the assumption that it was always in all-wheel drive. Needless to say it took many attempts of trying to get up the hill, until finally he noticed a button on his dashboard that shifted the car into 4-wheel drive. We had to abandon the 2-wheel drive vehicle and pile into my grandfather’s truck. 


Sitting by the fire, trying to warm up after our adventure, we laughed at our luck. We left Massachusetts to find warmth and here we were drying our boots by the woodstove while Massachusetts was experiencing record high temperatures for this time of year. It was a blessing in disguise, because when we woke up the following morning, we found ourselves inside the beauty of a postcard. The cacti and mesquite trees were glistening under a bright sun, it’s light bouncing off the snow covered branches. The mountains had transformed from brown silhouettes to bright white Rocky Mountain-like peaks. It was one of the most beautiful scenes I had ever witnessed. I felt like I was part of history. In all my travels, it has been the moments like this; unplanned and falling short of expectations that end up living in the most powerful part of my memory. Arizona is a great place to warm up, but even in the unlikely cover of snow, it has a beauty that will stay with you long after you leave.





©Jessica Scott 

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