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Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Sloth Spotting in Costa Rica - Page 4

Written by Bel Woodhouse
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But it’s not only the animals that held my wonder. The plant life is truly unique. Like this Morro tree with its cannonball like fruit growing from moss and fern covered trunks.



Morro trees unique fruit. ©Bel Woodhouse


Or, another trunk fruit bearing tree I’m sure you’ve heard of, the Cacao tree. It’s dusty reddish pink oblong fruits ready for picking, roasting and grinding for chocolate making.


Thumbnail 7 

Cacao pods ready for harvest. ©Bel Woodhouse


Plus the orchids, bromeliads and ferns dripping from the trees around us were just gorgeous. The sloths, although wonderful, are only one of many beautiful attractions that called to my nature lover’s heart.


The last highlight of this wildlife tour for me was a tiny red surprise. A strawberry poison-dart frog. Although highly toxic, when handled carefully by a pro like Giovanni we were able to get a close up look at this little beauty. My heart went pitter patter.


Thumbnail 9 

A strawberry poison-dart frog. ©Bel Woodhouse


These tiny colorful amphibians have held a special fascination for me ever since reading about them in National Geographic as a young girl. Their beauty is beyond measure and I always wondered how something so small could yield such a powerful toxin. I was thrilled beyond words to have seen one up close in the wild.

So, at the end of this morning exploring Costa Rica’s natural wonders I felt blessed to have ticked two animals of my bucket list. Sloths and tiny poison-dart frogs. Along with discovering so many more truly stunning wildlife species. Those red-legged honey creepers turquoise feathers will never be forgotten.


With a grumbling belly calling for breakfast, Giovanni giggled at me and told me of a great local place for breakfast. He took us there after we left the sanctuary and I greedily goggled up my eggs while smiling. I didn’t think I would ever stop smiling.

This was hands down the best wildlife excursion I have ever been on and well worth the early rise and pre-dawn start. To this day it remains one of my most treasured travel memories.


©Bel Woodhouse


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