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Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Sloth Spotting in Costa Rica - Page 3

Written by Bel Woodhouse
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Black vultures peered down from under their impressive five-and-a-half-foot wingspan. Spread wide showing off their ‘fingers’ while drying their dewy feathers before taking flight for a day of soaring and foraging.



Black vultures impressive 5.5 ft wingspan. ©Bel Woodhouse


Everywhere things moved. Above us in the tree tops. At eye level along the trunks and on the ground. Giovanni stood guard over a line of leaf cutter ants to make sure we didn’t step on them because we were too busy looking around.


Their tiny red bodies carrying huge pieces of greenery many times their own size in a feat of strength and agility. A procession not to be trampled upon.


Thumbnail 3 

Leaf cutter ant procession. ©Bel Woodhouse


Then, turning a corner silence reigned. Setting up a monocular aimed high into a nearby tree, Giovanni had spotted the highlight of the day.


A baby three-toed sloth slept. Curled up in a ball hanging by one arm he seemed to be smiling in his sleep. It was one of the sweetest wildlife moments of my life. Standing there in a Costa Rican jungle with a grumbling tummy and sweat running down the back of my legs I couldn’t stop smiling.


My first sloth. In the wild. A life-long dream achieved. It was magical and is seared into my memory forever.



Baby three-toed sloth sleeping. ©Bel Woodhouse


Nearby we also saw a big male sloth and this sweet little one’s mother. A smiling sloth family. There is no way to describe the feeling of this encounter. Or, the thankfulness I felt toward Giovanni for building this sanctuary that allowed us to see them.


Now, it is home to around 25 families of sloth. A true haven for this treasure of the animal world along with many others.

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