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Friday, 08 June 2007

Kangaroo Island's Bird Man - Page 3

Written by Jennifer M. Eisenlau, Ph. D.
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When I travel, I usually go alone. I need a guidebook, some on-line research, and a few tips written on cocktail napkins from friends who’ve been where I’m heading. But upon arriving on Kangaroo Island (KI), I knew I needed professional help.  Kangaroo Island is only a 45-minute ferry ride crossing from the mainland of Southern Australia.

I, too, saw four of the elusive echidna (a rare egg-laying mammal). The only critter I failed to see was the Little Penguin, a sea bird that comes ashore nightly in the Australian winter. Local people on KI said to me, Oh, you don’t need a tour. Just go down to the beach for the penguins. I did go to the beach, each night for four nights in a row, and I never saw a penguin. Had I taken the tour offered at the KI Tourist Office (and spent the $12) I would have seen plenty of penguins as they made their way home to the rocky nests after a day’s fishing. How do I know for sure? Another tourist on the ferry back to Cape Jervis told me how cute the wild birds were. You see, she paid the tour fee. But maybe seeing those Little Penguins would have pushed me completely over the edge of reason, plunging me into a serious case of Stendhalismo.








If you go…

Kangaroo Island 4WD Designer Tours

Telephone (08) 8553 0088

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view


All prices are in Australian Dollars [AD]

Island Nature Day—Coastal Seal Bay Tour: $334 per person

This tour includes morning tea break, three-course lunch with wine and coffee, cooler filled with soft drinks, park entrance fees at Seal Bay and Flinders Chase National Park, tours with guide, gratuities, and pick-up/drop-off at your hotel

Sea Link Ferry

Telephone 13 13 01

Web address

Ferry fares $40 per person/ $64 per vehicle (super saver sealink)

South Australian Tourism Commission

Telephone 888-768-8428 (in the USA)

Web address

© Jennifer M. Eisenlau, Ph. D.

Pictures ©South Austrailian Tourism Commission


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