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Thursday, 25 August 2011

How to Travel in Broome, Australia and Not Get Eaten, Poisoned, or Killed - Page 2

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B7Rent a car, or hire one as they say in Aussie slang (, and hold on tight as you take a 3-hour, 200 km drive north through the rugged outback to the red cliffs of Cape Leveque.  Pit stops are limited, actually there are none, so stock up on sunscreen, water, and food.  The drive through the outback presents numerous photo opportunities, but don’t stray off Cape Leveque Road into the bush as the snakes, spiders, and frogs are no joke-they Can Kill You.  Anyone seeing a pattern yet?  Along the drive to Cape Leveque are numerous Aboriginal communities that will allow you to venture through for a small fee of $10 AUD payable to the community center. Lombadina is highly recommended and you can pick up Aboriginal craft goods, such as canoes and jewelry.  Bypass the One Arm Point community where the beach is polluted and where the Aquaculture Hatchery is open only if someone feels like coming in.  For more information on both Cape Leveque and Lombadina, visit

B5Upon reaching Cape Leveque you will enter a tourist park.  Go to the information center at the top and grab a map to find out the best way to drive down towards the red cliffs and sandy dunes.  Take in the breathtaking contrast before you of white sands, azure ocean, and red jagged cliffs.   Park the car amongst the sand dunes, lay out a picnic and enjoy.  You are likely to be one of the only people on the beach, so make the most of your time by running around in only your underpants and doing whatever else you’ve ever wanted to do on a deserted beach.  Swimming is safe in the warm and tranquil waters of Cape Leveque, but a crocodile or two have been reported and these, of course, Can Kill You.


Where to Eat

The food at your hotel will get a bit pricey, but renting a car will allow you to travel into town to scout cheaper options.  Maccas (aka McDonalds) and Eagle Boys Pizza were fan favorites, but there are also Italian, Chinese, and Modern Australian options. 

Make sure your burger is thoroughly cooked, because a bad bout of food poisoning…


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