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Monday, 23 April 2012

Hiking Through Cuba’s Varahicacos Ecological Reserve - Page 2

Written by Tracy Zhang
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I had never encountered more lizards anywhere else than during my time in Cuba. These little guys accompanied me throughout my hike. Due to their small size and camouflaging skin, I could often hear them moving among the leaves before actually spotting them.

Plants fight for the sun on the Muslims trail. Many of them intertwine to share the space and reach for higher ground – forming unlikely but powerful allies that leave other less fortunate plants in the shade.

The caves were a definite highlight of the tour. Carves out by the sea, these caves create refuges for bats as well as visitors when the rain strikes.

I came across this 2,000 year old aboriginal burial site about mid-way through the hike. Next to ornaments and utensils are the remains of the Ciboney race – an indigenous Caribbean race already extinct. I stood in front of it in awe; I had come to Cuba to find authentic experience, and I found it there, lying in the reserve. 

©Tracy Zhang

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