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Sunday, 01 May 2016

Greenland: A Snow-white Pearl

Written by Kira Dalhus
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When traveling to Greenland, you are about to discover an invaluable Arctic pearl. No place on earth is similar to the world’s largest island. The landscape is stunning and the inhabitant’s culture is unique and heartwarming. People who find joy in exploring the world, should definitely have Greenland on their travel bucket list.

Because of the enormous Greenland Ice Sheet, most of the country is covered by snow and ice. More precisely, the Greenland Ice Sheet takes up more than 80% of the total landmass. The glistening landscape is adorned with beautiful icebergs in every size you can imagine. The smallest are not bigger than a hut while others are the size of skyscrapers. The most fascinating thing about the majestic icebergs is the story each one of them tells. Nature’s development has left its mark on the enormous sculptures so you will not be able to find two similar icebergs.



Dancing Lights and Howling Dogs


One attraction – which should be more than enough to drag you to the Arctic wonder – is the Northern Lights. It is an incredible sight when the clear polar nights are lit up and the colors shine all over the night sky. The Northern Lights also resurrect many myths. One well-known legend is about how the deceased are playing soccer with a walrus skull when the colorful lights are dancing on the sky. Another one is that if a child is being conceived on a night where the lights are shining bright, the child will be highly intelligent. When looking at pictures or films of the special wonder, it looks quite unreal. You have to see them with your own eyes to understand how beautiful and incredible nature can be. One thing is sure – you will experience something only a few other places in the world are able to show you.


The best way to experience nature in daytime is from the seat of a dogsled. As a result of the slow tempo, so many impressions will hit you that it can be difficult to handle. Every noise will seem a lot higher in a place as silent as in the middle of the amazing ice-covered landscape. Not one smell will pass your nose and the sight of the icebergs will without a doubt be overwhelming. There is no better place than a dogsled to learn about the Greenlanders as well as the amazing nature of Greenland. Normally, the locals can seem a bit shy, but this does not apply to the musher. Happily, the driver of the dog sled will tell you all about life in the Arctic.

Dog Sledding Greenland


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