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Tuesday, 01 September 2009

Getting Misty-Eyed at Niagara Falls - Page 3

Written by Kristen Hamill
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“I don’t see it. Where is it — down there?” I pressed my face to the car window as we passed over the bridge taking us across the border into Canada. It was close to midnight by the time my plane had landed in Buffalo and we’d made the half hour drive north, but the Niagara Falls are lit up at night, and we were eager to get across for the view.


Between 1901 and 2003, 16 people have gone over the falls with various contraptions—wooden barrels, steel barrels, rubber balls, jet skis, and nothing at all— and eight have survived.  The museum details the account of each daredevil’s stunt, from the first jump in 1901 when Annie Taylor (and her pet cat) conquered the falls in a barrel pressurized with a bicycle pump, to Robert Overcracker’s deadly jet ski attempt in 1995— when his parachute malfunctioned mid-fall with his jet ski already plunging below him.

Getting Misty-Eyed at Niagara Falls, Kristen HamillDay or night, winter or summer, the falls never cease to amaze its 14 million annual visitors. Photographs and movies have captured the beauty of Niagara Falls, but without standing at its edge, inches away from the racing current, you’ll never know its unbelievable strength. Whether you go for the thrill of a ride through the thrashing currents, the legends of daredevils with nerves and barrels of steel, or for a breath of fresh ionized air above one of the world’s most breathtaking views, Niagara Falls deserves a spot on every traveler’s must-see list.

©Kristen Hamill

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