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Monday, 01 March 2021

BVI’s Magnificent Virgin Gorda Baths - Page 2

Written by Michael Kompanik
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The Cathedral Room, a stunning cavernous space, is the most photographed site inside the baths. Softly lit by rays of sunlight filtering down through small overhead gaps, its vertical rocks form an astonishing tall, deep, triangular shaped cavern. The towering slanted ceiling made the room appear like some ancient Stonehenge creation. Voices can echo loudly off the cavern walls, and yet, most explorers spoke in hushed tones. It was an almost religious experience.

Cathedral Room At The Baths  Michael Kompanik

A twisting path out of the Bath’s cavernous depths opened to a spectacular clearing offering stunning views of the sheltered horseshoe-shaped Devil’s Bay. A scattering of outlying boulders framed the natural beauty of this secluded cove. Nestled along the beach and in the water, they provided picture-perfect postcard views.

Devils Bay At The Baths  Michael Kompanik

A relaxing swim in calm turquoise waters ringed by shaded umbrellas offered a respite from our amazing hike as sailboats glided past and seagulls wheeled overhead in bluebird skies.

The inviting crystalline waters of the bay teeming with rays, blue tang and other tropical fish inspired us to don our snorkeling gear and explore more underground caves and coral reefs. At the southern end of the beach, a short trail leads to nearby Stoney Bay. Unlike Devil’s Bay, Stoney Bay’s windswept beaches face the crashing Atlantic surf casting weathered driftwood along its rocky coastline. It was like being on two different islands.

On our hike back to the top of Baths National Park, we regaled our amazement over the incredible, magnificent natural beauty of Virgin Gorda’s fascinating Baths. They did not disappoint, rather they proved to be so much more spectacular than even photos portray. Once experienced, one forever hears the Bath’s siren call. This mesmerizing discovery was so extraordinary and profound, we truly believe that any future trip to the Virgin Islands would be incomplete without a return to explore the majesty of the Virgin Gorda Baths.

Our sail back to St. Thomas took us past an archipelago of inlets, cays and islands, lush green mountains, and miles of secluded beaches. The natural beauty of the Baths and all that surrounded us reminded me of a quote by Jules Reynard. “On earth there is no heaven but there are pieces of it.” It couldn’t be more fitting. We truly experienced a resplendent piece of heaven that magical day. And we couldn’t have been more grateful.

©Michael Kompanik

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Last modified on Monday, 01 March 2021
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