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Wednesday, 01 September 2021

Elephant Lodge: Gwango Safari Camp - Page 4

Written by Richard Taylor
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They weren’t finished yet.  Their morning dust-up complete, the elephants were once again foraging between chalets.  There was a half fallen tree behind my cabin, seemingly the back scratcher of choice, for a big bull was using it now and the scraping sound, even through the window, suggested a rake on tough leather.  Below the sill to my left, younger males were pulling at the grasses; at right was a mother and suckling baby.  Well, this was their lodge now.  I wasn’t going anywhere.  The bull and the youngsters might pay me no mind.  But a mother and baby?  Big Mama would dispatch me as soon as I opened the door.

IMG 4605

And I thought, “What kind of crazy place is this?”

That night at the reception desk, Scott informed me that a trio from Luxembourg had booked the same game drive as myself, filling the quota requirement.  I was grateful for that.  At the same time, I feared an anti-climax.  Gwango Lodge was a hard act to follow.

One of the security people tapped me on the arm and shone his flashlight down the dirt road.  A massive bull elephant was feeding, his trunk ripping down the top tree branches.  In the darkness, he seemed abnormally large, fifty feet high, the King Elephant, something prehistoric.

I returned to the cabin.  The phone signal went off.  At last I’d received an answering text from my sister:




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