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Friday, 31 January 2014

Room 702: 1 room, 1 year, many stories

Written by Antoinette Marie
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From the moment you start to read this book you will be transported to another place, The Winchester Hotel, but that’s pretty much where the traveling ends. The rich details of suite of 702 come alive, but that is only the beginning. The author has flawlessly weaved together characters that stay a night or a weekend at the Winchester Hotel. You will meet a famous basketball player who is seeing a shrink because he can’t control his anger on court and can’t seem to get it together in his marriage; a couple who are trying to have a baby and another couple going to prom and lose their virginity at the hotel. Life and death are created in these four walls. A man who faces suicide gets an important phone call, to a movie star that has an overdose and the insensitive world around him that wants to take advantage of his demise. While you’re reading you’ll find yourself wanting to meet more and more people and yet you’ll still be thinking of those you already met. What is happening to them and will it all work? If it doesn’t where do they end up? 


It’s an amazing task this writer has accomplished: to keep creating beginnings while keeping the reader hooked each and every time a new chapter begins. I found myself wanting the chapters to keep going, to give me a few more details. The writer left me hanging, and I wanted more of the characters. But that was the point. To make me think about what I didn’t know. I was amazed how easily the character’s became complex even though everything that happens to them is revealed in a hotel room. The writer just doesn’t tell stories, she lets you peer into their lives and understand what they’re feeling, like the man who once a year comes to the hotel to…Well, I don’t want to give it away. This is one of those novels that when you’re done reading, it still resides with you. You’ll be waiting for a sequel. You’ll want the storylines to continue and meet those new guests checking into the Winchester Hotel. 


Room 702: One Room, One Year, Many Stories, by Ann Sullivan, available at Amazon


©Antoinette Marie

Last modified on Friday, 31 January 2014

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