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Friday, 31 December 2010

On the Other Guy’s Dime

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On the Other Guy’s Dime: A Professional’s Guide to Traveling Without Paying by G. Michael Schneider is a how-to guide written by a professor who arranges working holidays in ten different countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. If you are an educator interested in traveling the world, this is the book for you.

Schneider explores in detail how he got each of his trips paid for: from cold-calling various colleges and asking for a plane ticket and a modest stipend to applying for Fulbright grants which offer a significant increase in pay and better accommodation, though the application process can be quite long.

In each place they end up he teaches a class or consults on curriculum while his wife volunteers in various capacities such as teaching English or helping out in a school. Being a visiting professor in a university overseas also offers many more opportunities to interact with locals than a typical tourist would, as relationships with colleagues are usually formed quickly.

As he is working during the week they can only go on side trips on weekends, but the great advantage to this type of travel is that it is free. Schneider also explains that they rent their house while they are away, so there are no maintenance costs.

This book is geared towards academics or people with flexible schedules, though. It’s tough to imagine many people in the corporate world being able to take four months off to go to a far-flung country and work on a project of their choosing. Academics, however, live on the semester system with summers off, and can usually find someone to cover a semester for them, or can just arrange to teach a summer class abroad.

Schneider does mention the shorter grant programs (2-6 weeks) that CIES came up with for extremely busy professionals like CEO’s who don’t have the 4-6 months off needed to take a Fulbright grant, but many people with limited time off may chose to take a much-needed vacation rather than a working holiday (and can usually afford it). So this book seems like it’s the best fit for academics; it is chock-full of good advice for them to follow.

Schneider does what many of us want to do, but few ever manage – live around the world without giving up his house, job, or nest egg – and in On the Other Guy’s Dime he shows you the practical steps needed to do it yourself.

©Christina Bolton

On the Other Guy’s Dime, Tasora, G. Michael Schneider, 2010


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