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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Carsick: John Waters Hitchhikes across America

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What a fabulously written book. As soon as I opened to the first page I was hooked by his words. John Waters has a nature ability to bring the written page to life. He begins by telling the reader why he wants to hitchhike from his home in Baltimore, Maryland to the other side of the country. He seems to be trying to convince himself of his adventure as much as the reader and succeeds.  


The story begins with him on the highway, thumb out, waiting for someone to pick him up and someone definitely does. The man begins by asking John about his movies (he recognizes him) and why he isn’t making one now. John explains the recession killed his last project and can’t find someone to back him. The ride gets better as Harris, the man who picked John up, tells him he’s a drug dealer and will front the movie. He will give John five million dollars, no questions asked. John goes back to Harris’s house and watches as Harris digs up the cash. Afterwards, John gets back on the highway and begins his next ride, one that is just as shocking as the last. I don’t want to give anything away but let’s just say it involves a man being locked in a trunk, a family and a driving instructor. Of course it’s not all a good time, there are those people who pick him up, that make the story even more…enjoyable? Perhaps, not for John; he ends up hitching a ride from someone who has eleven DUIs, has cut the seatbelts out of his car, pulls out a gun and John jumps from the car 


This is one of those books that when you start to read it, you can’t put it down. Every “short story” is as amazing as the last. Not only do you believe what you’re reading, John is painting a picture that is so vivid in your mind you’re right there with him. The book is in three sections. The first section is the great experiences John will face; the second are the worst case scenarios and the third what actually happens. I found I enjoyed reading all of the stories, make believe or not. Let’s face it, anything is possible in this world and John Waters is the master at bringing the imagination to life. 


(c)Antoinette Marie

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