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Tuesday, 04 March 2008

Willka T'ika Garden Guest House - Page 2

Written by Christina Kay Bolton
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Willka T'ika is much more than a hotel and retreat center. It is a truly magical place set in the sacred valley of Peru. The accommodations, living spaces and conference rooms are scattered throughout the property amidst incredible gardens. This place is truly a botanist’s dream. Each garden is completely unique with different plant species in a variety of colors. There are seven main gardens, each centered on a separate chakra: moon, sacred sun, sacred earth, sacred water, Lucuma, Spiral and sound. Many beautiful varieties of flowers that attract hummingbirds in great numbers.


Treatments such as massages, Andean salt baths and crystal bed healing sessions are available. The unique crystal bed was brought in from Brazil. I experienced a crystal bed healing session on my visit. Lights shine through crystals aimed at your chakras. Energy pulsed through my whole body while the crystals were illuminated and I felt very calm afterwards. The only issue I had with the treatment was that the crystals looked like they were meant to be moved to shine down directly on the chakras, but they weren't moved when either myself or my boyfriend went in (and we’re different sizes).


The food was incredibly healthy, tasty and lovingly prepared vegetarian food. It is all “safe” food – which is tough to come by in Peru. The tap water has a lot of bacteria and can't be used for washing fresh vegetables. Salads are usually off limits if you want to avoid getting sick, but here they use boiled water to wash their home-grown organic lettuce. Willka T'ika Garden Guest House, urumbamba, retreat center, yoga retreat peru, sacred valley, PeruAll of the food is made from scratch, including homemade tofu for stir fry and fresh ricotta cheese for lasagna. Everything is nicely presented in four course dinners and breakfast buffets that are included in the room cost. Dinner is served in a communal style and allows for interesting conversations with neighboring diners.




Willka T'ika Garden Guest House, urumbamba, retreat center, yoga retreat peru, sacred valley, PeruThere are many rooms where visitors can spend their time: a library, a music room, two yoga studios, a main gathering hall as well as the numerous gardens. It’s tempting to just stay here and relax, but you’ll want to be sure to explore the sacred valley.


Willka T’ika is located in Urumbamba between two major stops on any tour of the sacred valley. Be sure to take the short jaunt (30 minutes) down to Ollaytaytambo to the Incan ruins and the one hour ride to Pisac where you'll find more Incan ruins and an unbeatable crafts market. You’re going to want to go to Machu Picchu and can take a day trip from Ollaytaytambo if you get up very early in the morning. If you want to spend more time at Machu Picchu you can take a later train from Ollaytaytambo to Aguas Calientes and stay the night. The following day you can either hike or take the bus up the hill to be at Machu Picchu at sunrise.


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