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Saturday, 29 February 2020

Arcopedico Travel Shoes

Written by Christina Bolton
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Arcopedico shoes are made for travelers – they are lightweight yet very sturdy. I took them on my last trip – a long weekend in NYC – where I walked miles and miles each day around the city and this is what they looked like when I was done:

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Yeah, I know, like new!


Contrast that with the last pair of lightweight shoes I bought to put in my carry on, which I had to throw out after only wearing them twice! To be fair those were a cheap pair made in China and these are a fairly expensive pair made in Portugal, but still, if you throw something out that quickly it is actually very pricey per use.


In terms of comfort, these were top notch. They have a 'twin arch' support system which distributes the weight better than other shoes I've tried with the result being my feet didn't get worn out after a whole day of walking. Nice! Arcopedico advertises their shoes as 'weightless.'  While that may be going too far, they are very light and some of the styles like the 'Lolita' weigh in at 9 oz per pair, so you should be able to fit that extra pair in, even in a small backpack.


While I got the Francesca style in leather, they also have a line of knit shoes that look pretty trendy and are machine washable, so those may be your best pick for spring.


In any case, I'll definitely be packing these for my next trip.


(c)Christina Bolton

Last modified on Sunday, 01 March 2020

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