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Friday, 08 June 2007

The Cyclades: Thira and Naxos - Page 4

Written by Amanda Lynch
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The Cyclades are ancient, breathtaking, and in large part gloriously untouched by the modern hustle of city life. I once assumed that they were also inaccessible to someone without lots of money to throw around (which was me, three weeks into a four-week journey across Italy and Greece, and about 99.9% into my budget). Luckily, my husband and I were there outside of “high season,” when prices and temperatures soar and the islands become overrun with tourists.

While tours and other transportation are available between some parts of the island, a car is a must if you want to see all that Naxos has to offer. It’s a relatively big island with gorgeous views of rustic farms and towns from the high points, and many out-of-the-way beaches. It is also dotted with unfinished kouros, which are ancient Greek statues of young men. These statues, half carved, are still lying down, supposedly where they were left 2,500 years ago. You will find them on any map the rental company gives you, but beware the C “roads” – these are not roads so much as piles of rock or someone’s back garden.kouros


Both Thira and Naxos are intriguing, entertaining and tranquil islands, and the perfect getaway for any type of traveler. I was overcome by Greece’s ancient beauty, the hospitality of locals, and the preservation of the island culture.


If you decide to splurge, keep in mind the islands’ first-class resorts, fine restaurants, and faster boat rides. While more expensive, these alternatives are still far less expensive than their equivalent in other European countries. Do some research, decide what you can afford, and enjoy your travels!


© Amanda Lynch


Amanda Lynch is a freelance writer currently living in Seattle, WA. She spends a large part of her non-writing time teaching English to immigrants and refugees – her favorite way to come into contact with other cultures when she’s not traveling. She can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Photos © Amanda Lynch, Robert Lynch

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