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Friday, 03 February 2012

Snowboarding Slovakia on a Shoestring - Page 2

Written by Dudley Hooper
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Imag0367eThe slopes are brilliant, well maintained, well thought out and just enough for a short break. Experts may be a bit disappointed at the range but I am assured the tree riding when the powder is right is second to none. My only tree riding occurred by accident and was more of a painful experience than an exciting one… There are plenty of lifts servicing the slopes but the lower ones did tend to get a little busy so it’s advisable to stay on the upper lifts once up there, however this may drop off when not in top season (24th Dec to 8th Jan). We spent three days going forwards, backwards, sideways and face first down the runs and didn’t get bored once. It is a fairly steep resort so not ideal for absolute beginners, but most should enjoy it.  Another thing I really liked about this resort was the feeling on the slopes, there is not so much of the showmanship and aggressive skiing seen in the Alps, people tended to be a little lower in ability and everyone appeared to be just enjoying the slopes. To so much of an extent that I took out one skier so that she ended up upside down on the slope next to me but thought it hilarious!

The views over the Tatras Mountains is second to none and not once did I stop to consider if we’d be having a better time in a crowded French resort, perhaps helped by the Pivo (beer) stops every so often, well why not when it’s just 1.30 Euros a pint! Running with the inexpensive theme, food and drink was great on the slopes, incredibly cheap and half the fun was found in trying to order. My friend spent 10 minutes trying to order a Coke, resorting at one point to motioning at the cashier’s jumper which had ‘Coca Cola’ printed on it. The last thing I saw was him asking a local for their drink and presenting this instead!

New Year’s Eve was spent snowboarding in suits which brought on a lot of interested looks from the locals and an evening in the ‘Happy End Bar’ up on the slopes; yes it is actually called that! Cue a few hours of horrendous dancing and a display by what can only be described as dancers dressed as peacocks and it was about time to catch some sleep before heading back on the road the following day.

Imag0377Slovakia was truly brilliant and the drive there and back, although hard, did make it much more of an adventure than can be found by being carted off on board a jet. This is not the Alps, and if you arrive expecting just that you may well be disappointed. If you hope to do a little learning, a lot of exploring and have a blast on the slopes for a price unmatched for winter sports then this is your place. I’ll see you on the slopes next year!

(c)Dudley Hooper (lift passes and info) (board hire and English guide) (accom)

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