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Sunday, 01 January 2017

Iceland by Van - Page 2

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After lunch I walked a few miles up the fjord, it was a slow walk as I kept stopping to watch the whales - I counted 8 at one point. There was only one house up the track so the whales outnumbered cars and people 8 to 1.


Back at my van I read some guidebooks to see where I might head tomorrow and enjoyed the warmth of the sun behind glass - Iceland really does have changeable weather.


I cooked and cleared up dinner, put a podcast on and started making a woolly hat from some wool I had stashed in my van. The sky was still clear, this excited me as much as it did this morning. Clear sky and being in the middle of nowhere - that's northern lights territory.


At 10pm I was tired and cold, but the sky was still light. I got into bed with my curtains open and waited. The sky got darker and then by 23:20 seemed to be getting lighter again. I jumped out of bed and opened the door. For the next hour and a half I watched what I think is the most magical thing in the world – the Northern Lights. I'm lucky that I've seen them before but not on this trip and not from land. There was a bit of green but it was mostly white light. It's so difficult to describe, almost like soft searchlights pulsating in the sky. With the door wide open I got into bed and watched them until they seemed to fade away. The only background noise all night was from the whales still blowing in the fjord.


Total spend today: Icelandic Kroner 0



©Sarah Vincent

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