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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Ecotourism in Mindo, Ecuador - Page 2

Written by Scott Donaldson
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Near the river and a decent walk from town there is place where you can view the most amazing butterflies.  They love bananas and any other sweet fruit and it was amazing having such colorful creatures on your fingers and flying around the enclosure.  


The Frog Concert is on the way into town and a long walk from the town itself at Mindo Lago Hostel.  You can stay there too, right beside the lake with its classy miniature boats that you can have a romantic dinner for two on.  The frogs didn’t play any Beethoven symphonies, but on the walk, we saw plenty of frogs, including some really tiny ones, and learnt that their “songs” were mainly their way to attract female frogs for mating, as well as their way of communication.

For those with a sweet tooth there is El Quetzal Mindo Chocolate Tour.  It costs $6 per person and is available in Spanish or English.  It was fascinating seeing some actual plants growing cacao and stevia (natural sweetener, originally from Paraguay).  We also tried 100 percent dark chocolate with no sugar added.  It wasn’t as bitter as I thought it would be. The sugarless hot chocolate made with 100% cacao paste was very tasty and soothing after a long walk in the cloud forest.


Cacoa Beans

For those with more of an adventurous streak there is canopying and tubing available for more affordable prices than you will find in western countries.  The tubing costs $6 and the instructor was so casual that he wore jeans and gumboots on the tube raft.  

Mindo is a world famous tourist town with plenty of nature and even adventure for those who want to enjoy the cloud forest. It is also very close to the capital city and reachable by bus or car, only around 2 hours from busy Quito. Come and discover the beautiful nature enclosed in this place!


© Scott Donaldson

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