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Thursday, 16 June 2011

What not to do in a Thunderstorm - Page 3

Written by Emma Dalby
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Tim had to do most of the rowing to get us to the other side of the bank. By the time we reached the middle of the lake my arms simply refused to cooperate further. I reminded myself about those muscles.

A good half hour and a few heated discussions later we had made it to the other side of the lake. “Do you think it’s clean enough to swim in?” I asked as I noticed Tim already jumping in. I guess it was.

Fewa Lake5After a few blissful hours of splashing around, reading, taking photos and making a few notes for the travel journal we decided it was time to head back, drop the boat off and go for a cold beer. Boating was thirsty work.

Almost immediately after setting off it began to rain. Somehow we had failed to notice that the sky was looking a little bleak in the distance – by bleak I mean black and by black I mean there was no doubt going to be a massive thunderstorm any minute.

Fewa Lake6

We exchanged glances and Tim did a sort of sideways nod towards the bank we’d just left where there was one single tree with a few sparse branches. “You want to shelter for a bit?"

I figured we were already wet from the lake and we might as well keep going. The sooner we got back the sooner we could enjoy that cold beer.

In hindsight, this was probably not the best decision. The weather suddenly took a turn for the worse.

About a third of the way back it became apparent that the water was getting a bit choppy and my rowing skills were clearly not up to much. Tim was trying to steer us back and I was making the boat go sideways. Basically it got to the point where the boat wasn’t going anywhere. This wouldn’t have been such a problem if it weren’t for the amount of water coming into the boat and the fact that the rain had turned into a full-on thunderstorm. We’d heard a story about golf-ball sized hailstones and passed it off as something that happens in winter…

I was starting to panic. We were stuck IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LAKE IN A THUNDERSTORM.

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