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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Someday I'll Learn - Page 2

Written by Catesby Holmes
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Some things don’t require planning: life’s surprises, in fact, often trump schedules. Or at least that is the philosophy that has pervaded my existence thus far. I inherited impulsiveness from my family: we arranged vacations two days before we took them, and bought our Christmas trees on December 24th.


Dusty and defeated, I turned around, recrossed the metal bridge, and waited for the bus I arrived on to return. Zen-like, I pondered the fact that I would soon retrace — exactly —my morning travels. So, after 14 hours, two bags of street-vendor peanuts, three empanadas, and more canned flan than I care to remember, I returned, at midnight, to middle-of-nowhere Resistencia, Argentina—the city from which I had departed just that morning.


I caught a quick shower in the bus station (gross, yes, and weird, but I had been on busses without showering for two days!), and bounded after a Brazil-bound bus just as it was leaving Resistencia. Having spent the entire day and night traveling, then, I finally arrived at least part-way to Rio. I got into Iguazu falls, on the Argentine-Brazilian-Paraguayan border, at 8 am — after a 10 hour trip.


Of course my debit card doesn´t seem to be working, but that is another story...


In any case, I will leave Iguazu falls on an airplane. Here is where sponteneity can be useful: Brazil has discount airlines, and for only about $100 I will arrive in lovely Rio de Janeiro this evening at 8. rioMy plans for the night: sleep in a bed for the first time in two days, eat something other than crackers, peel a mango while sitting on the beach.

© Catesby Holmes

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